We Offer the Best of Technology and Business Tranformation Expertise

About Mastiff

Mastiff is a global information technology services company offering cloud & analytics led innovative software development, IT outsourcing and IT consulting services. Incorporated in the year 2014 and headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, Mastiff is proactively working with global enterprises to transform and address critical business issues by applying innovative information technology solutions. With benchmarking experience and comprehensive capabilities across multiple verticals and business domains, we enable businesses to reduce time to drive digital transformation & growth.
“Mastiff has rich industry experience and highly skilled technology consultants with an remarkable experience, adding great business value to our partners. We’re an ISO 27001 and 9001 compliant IT enterprise, focusing extensively on delivering high-quality business solutions.”
Our global delivery and mature project management and client enagement models are designed to improve efficiency, governance and bring predictability. We constantly innovate and implement new methodologies, frameworks and best practices giving our clients the winning edge.

Principals We Stand By

Our Vision

To be a customer-centric organization that facilitates the solution of everyday business challenges.

Our Promise

To provide unmatched services to our clients/partners by providing competent,
custom-fit and cost/time effective software
solutions and services.

Our Vibe

We believe it takes people with different
ideas, strengths, interests and cultural
backgrounds to accelerate innovative

Our Culture and Values

Cient Focus
At Mastiff we are first focused on understanding the client’s business and are dedicated to solve problems in their businesses. We have the attitude that the collective can do, with the passion and commitment to give the extra miles. Our strength is that we adapt client's each processes, procedures and project execution method. We value and drive more values to our clients' business goals.

We believe in delivering our best in all our projects and holding ourselves accountable even if the results are not as expected. At Mastiff, we look forward to push ourselves forward and make everyone on this journey think continuously out of the box to enhance creativity and keep employees motivated to improve continuously.

Work Culture
We have an emmense client-centric culture where client satisfaction and perception are our top priorities. We take into account the changing needs of our clients and work efficiently to get the best possible for each project. Experts at Mastiff collaborate with clients/partners throughtout the application lifecycle.

Ethics and Integrity
Mastiff adheres to the highest standards of conduct to manage its business and serve our customers globally. Our commitment to customers, employees and society is always to act with integrity. We believe that increment or profit has no value unless won through integrity.

We never want to take home the negative experience associated with us by our customers or employees. This basic belief helps us to get the right results. Our open and honest communication with both our employees and customers/partners helps us build trusting and long-lasting relationships with them.

Customer Delight
Developing the habit of thinking and acting to deliver quality solutions gives us lasting excellence. We have exceeded our client's expectations due to our willingness to cooperate, accept responsibility and support in technology and operational practices. We start with a small engamenents and provide a dedicated mirco level services dedicated to each client.